Join Indian Army Soldier Monthly Salary Slip 2018 GD Rank Wise Total Grade Pay Chart

Indian Army Badges

Join Indian Army Soldier Monthly Salary Slip 2018 GD Rank Wise Total Grade Pay : Patriotism is a word that can instill feelings towards the country in any Indian citizen.Many Indian citizens want to contribute to the country by joining the Indian Army. Nowadays, young people get a lot of gluttony towards the country.Whenever an Indian Army is recruited, the young people of our country participate in a quantity filled, some of which are made by their hard work, and some are left behind because of some deficiency. But they do not end the passion for the Indian Army, they do it again and make their future under the Indian Army.If so far you have not thought of contributing something for your country. So now you have to think that your country will have to contribute. Everyday thousands of heroes are martyred for their homeland by joining the Indian Army. Protecting your country is our utmost duty, then what can be better than the Indian Army.

Join Indian Army Monthly Salary Slip 2018 – GD Clerk

In Indian Army there are so many post. In any field of Indian Army you can serve for a country.Here you will find information about Indian Army’s all post in the table below.

 Sepoy / RiflemanLance NaikNaikHavildarNaib SubedarSubedarSubedar Major (SM)


LieutenantCaptainMajorLt. colonelColonelBrigadierMajor generalLieutenant general

Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Slip 2018-19

Before joining any organization, it is very important that we have complete knowledge about it and the Indian Army is one field which we have most recent knowledge about. The Indian Army makes us very convenient. Indian Army is a field whose pay slip is of great value in which all facilities are provided by the here are pay slip of Indian Army Post wise that you can easily check that how much an Indian Army Man earn:
Post Pay Scale Grade Pay Army Service Pay Total Cash (Salary)

Post Pay ScaleGrade PayArmy Service PayTotal Cash (Salary)
Lance Naik5200-20200 2000200040,000
Havaldar5200-20200 2800200035,000
Naik5200-20200 2400200035,000
Sepoy5200-20200 1800200030,000
Naib Subedar9300-34800 4200200045,000
Subedar9300-34800 4600200050,000
Subedar Major9300-34800 4800200065,000
Lieutenant15600-39100 5400600068,000
Major15600-39100 610060001,00,000
Captain15600-39100 6600600075,000
Lieutenant Colonel37400-67000 800060001,12,000
Colonel37400-67000 870060001,30,000
Brigadier37400-67000 89006000
Major General37400-67000 10,000 – –
Lieutenant General37400-67000 – – –

The above given table is showing the monthly pay slip of an Indian Army man according to their post.

Join Indian Army 7th Pay Salary, Grade Pay

There is rank of Indian army and below is the full salary chart of Indian army.

  1. Soldier/sepoy – 25k (approx.)
  2. Lance naik – 30k (approx.)
  3. Naik – 35k (approx.)
  4. Havildar – 40k (approx.)
  5. naib subedar – 45k (approx.)
  6. Subedar – 50k (approx.)
  7. subedar major (SM) – 65k (approx.)
  8. Lieutenant – 68k (approx.)
  9. captain – 75k (approx.)
  10. major – 100k (approx.)
  11. lieutenant colonel – 112k (approx.)
  12. colonel – 130k (approx.)

Indian Army Rank with identify icons and Retirement

Indian Army Badges

Indian Army Badges

Commissioned officer of Indian army


Identity: A national symbol, a cross-batten and saber on either side of a five-edged star.

After the honorary rank of Field Marshal, it is the highest rank of any military officer. Only the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) can achieve this rank.

Current Officer-General Dalbir Singh, COAS

Retirement – Three years or 62 years of age on COAS, whichever is earlier.

Rank-field martial

Icons: Political Symbols on a Cross Batten and Feeding Lotus

Field Marshal is the highest rank of the Indian Army. This is a formal and warlike rank. Only two military officers have been promoted to this position in nearly seven decades of India’s history. One is Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw and the other is Field Marshal KM Cariappa.

Rank-lieutenant general

Identity: National Symbols on Cross Baton and Saber

Lieutenant General is elected (after being in the commissioned service for 36 years) and he can also hold the post of Vice Chief of Army Staff or Army Commander.

Retirement– At the age of 60.

Rank-major general

Identity: A five-edged star on Cross Baton and Saber

By promotion selection at the Major General post (after getting the commissioned service for 32 years).

Retirement– At the age of 58.


Identity: National symbol on triangular structure of three five-edged stars

Brigadier is promoted through selection of selection (after 25 years of service in the commission).

Retirement– At the age of 56


Identity: National symbols on stars with two five edges.

On the post of Colonel, through promotion selection (after 15 years of commissioned service) happens. According to the timing, the commission gets a promotion even after 26 years of commissioned service. However, officers who have reached Colonel post from time to time have the portfolio of Lieutenant Colonel.

Retirement – at the age of 54.

Rank-lieutenant colonel

Identity: National Symbols on Five Edge Stars

After 13 years of service in the commissioning service, promotion is given on time-bound basis.


Identity: National Symbols

According to the time limit, the promotion of 6 years of commissioning service is received and this post gets.


Identification: Three five stars

On completion of the two-year commissioning service, this promotion is available on the basis of time limit.


Identity – Star with two five edges

This rank is available on commission of commission as an officer in the Indian Army.

Junior Commissioned Officer in Indian Army

Rank – Sub Maj Major (Infantry or Infantry) or Risaldar Major (Cavalry and Armored Regiments or Ashwarohi and Armored Regiments)

Identity: Golden National Symbol with Stripe

Promotion based on selection

Retirement– 34 years of  or 54 years of age, whichever is earlier.

Rank-Sub (Infantry or Infantry) or Risaldar (Cavalry and Armored Regiments or Ashwarohi and Armored Regiments)

Identity: Two Golden Star with Stripe

There is a promotion through selection.

Retirement– 30 years of service or 52 years of age, whichever is earlier

Rank-Nb Sub (infantry) or Nb Risaldar (Ashwarohi and Armored Regiment)

Identity: A Golden Star with Stripe

Promotion is based on selection

Retirement– 28 years of service or 52 years old, whichever is earlier.

Non-commissioned officers of the Indian Army

Rank – Hav (infantry) or Daphdaar (Ashwarohi and Armored Regiments)

Identity: Three Rank Chevron

Promotion based on selection

Retirement– 26 years of service or 49 years old, whichever is earlier

Rank – hero (infantry) or Lance Daffodar (Ashwarohi and Armored Regiment)

Identity: Two Rank Chevron

Promotion based on election

Retirement– 24-year service or 49 years old, whichever is earlier.

Rank- Lance hero (infantry) or in charge Lance Dafadar (Ashwarohi and Armored Regiment)

Identity: One Rank Chevron

Promotion based on election

Retirement– 22 years old service or 48 years old, whichever comes first



Identity: Simple shoulder badge

The soldiers are identified by their core, in which they serve. For example, a soldier from the signal recognizes him as a signalman, from the infantry to the form of reflate and as a gunner from the armored corps.

Recruitment Process: General Services

Educational Qualification: SSC or matriculation pass There is a minimum qualification of 45 percent marks and at least 33 percent marks in every subject should be necessary.

Age – 17 1/2 to 21 years

Marital status – Single man

Physical efficiency – According to the field, the criteria for physical fitness change, but in general the efficiency is said to be necessary,

  • Minimum height 167 cm
  • The candidate’s weight should not be less than 50 kilograms
  • Candidate’s chest should be at least 77 centimeters, which will cause 5 cm of flowering.
  • Candidates should not have any kind of communicable disease, infection and heart disease. There should be no problem associated with the eyes and ears.

Advertisements are published in Internet or TV or Employment News. Candidates have to submit the application form upon seeing him. Selected candidates are asked to join the physical skill test. Those who are elected will have a medical test and those who are selected will be given a written test. It involves questions related to general knowledge, mathematics and computer awareness.

Election of officers

Standing commission
National Defense Academy (NDA, Pune):

  • Candidates can take UPSC exam after passing the 12th examination.
  • The selected candidates have to give a five-day Services Selection Board (SSB) interview.
  • Includes a physical test, Medical tests are also done.
  • Chances are given to the pass candidates (Army, Navy, Air Force).
  • After training, they are sent to the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, where candidates have to stay for a year before commissioning.

Combined Defense Service Examination (CDSE)

  • Candidates can participate in the CDS entrance exam conducted by UPSC in the last year of graduation or having graduate degree.
  • After passing the SSB and Medical Test, he is given 18 months training in the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.
  • After this he gets a commission.

University Entry Scheme (UES)

Candidates from the last year of engineering can apply through UES. Selected candidates are given one year training in IMA, Dehradun. On completion of the course, officers are given one year seniority, promotion and increments.

Technical Graduate Course

It is similar to the UES, but it is also for the candidates of BE or B Tech, who have secured BE or B.Tech degree, along with candidates for the last year.

AEC (Male)

Candidates who have secured postgraduate degree (in notified subjects) like MA / M.Sc./M.Com / MCA / MBA, in the first or second class, they can apply. After 12 months of training, permanent commission is given.

Officers Training Academy, Gaya

Candidates who have passed 10 + 2 exams with 70% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects, can apply in the notification on the basis of cut-off. After SSB interview, eligible cadets are sent to OTA, G. There are basic military training and technical training.

Short service commission

The Army also gives the option of short service commission (SSC) for 10 to 14 years for women and men.

SSC entry can be for any of these categories- Technical, Non-Technical, JAG or NCC Entry.