Cheapest Respiratory Filter Developed by IIT Delhi Schientist

This is good news that scientist of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi developed cheapest Respiratory Filter Named NasoFilters. So to all those who are living in very polluted area like industrial areas etc they can use this. This is proud moment to all Indians also. All team members who discovered this cheapest respiratory filter are Faculty of IIT delhi and they all are Indians. Nasofilters is able to commercialization, restrict entry of upto 95 percentage dust and air pollutants.Special thing about this filter is that it is cheapest Respiratory filter in the market so any one can buy it easily. Prize of this filter is only 10 INR which is very low. This cheap product will soon in Indian Market as well as in globule market.

Key Feature of NasoFIlters (Respiratory Filter)

  1.  This is Nano Respiratory Filter
  2. It is cheapest Filter in Indian Market with the cost of 10rs INR  only.
  3. It gives protection against the finest particulate pollutants in the air for at least 8 hours.
  4. It restricts entry of Up to 95 percentage dust and air pollutants.
  5. The Filter can stick to the users nasal orifice.


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