International Biological Diversity Day Celebrated world Wide

This year International Biological Diversity day on 22 May 2017 was celebrated globally with theme of Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism . The aim of this Day was to raise awareness of the environment contribution of sustainable tourism to Economic growth and the conservation of Biodiversity. Important role in attracting the tourism is played by diversity in ecosystems, Landscapes etc. Diversity also play important role in well structured tourism sector to reduce threats to wildlife population. Every year biological Biodiversity day is celebrated in all over the world. India is one of the best place where we can see biodiversity which attracts millions of tourists around the world. Because of Biodiversity in any country it become always center of tourism. Biodiversity also help in economical growth of any country and it provides employment to many people.

What is Bio Diversity?

Biodiversity  is nothing but Verity and variability of life on same place. Biodiversity can be seen on Land as well as on See. In land we can see different kind of animal species, Plants and in marine we can see different kind of creatures, fishes, plants etc this verity and variability is called Bio Diversity. It is celebrated every year globally on may 22th 2017.

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