Shocking case In Haridwar , Dengue is increasing day by day

Dengue menace hovering over Haridwar district with the number of the afflicted on the rise, swine flu cases have also been reported from a village in the district. Of several children from Toda Aitmalpur village in Roorkee apparently down with the swine flu symptoms, medical reports have confirmed it in  two of them-both children.

Shocking case In Hariodwar , Dengue is increasing day by day

Shocking case In Hariodwar , Dengue is increasing day by day

District chief medical officer (CMO) Dr Ravindra Thapliyal has given instructions to the primary health centres and ANMs working in the Roorkee Joint Hospital to monitor the patients for the next ten days after he along with a team of doctors visited the village and the hospital on Friday.

They examined the children who have remained down with the fever since July 28. As per unconfirmed reports, 15 children are suspected to be suffering from swine flu in the district  while  five children have died from a ‘mysterious fever’ from the same village in Roorkee.

While speaking of the matter, CMO Thapliyal said that they had visited  the houses from where such fever has been reported and talked to the  parents of the children. “Our team has also given them tips about how to prevent swine flu by taking some extra care.  The CMS in the hospital where the children are being treated has been directed to monitor their conditions for the next ten days. One doctor and ANM will regularly visit the village and monitor the condition of the patients. If some negligence is reported strict action will be taken against the doctor or nursing staff,” he said.

He also confirmed on the basis of medical test report received from a Delhi-based laboratory that two children- a six- year- old girl and a nine- -year- old boy have been diagnosed as being afflicted with swine flu. “We sent the serum sample from throat of the affected children and two have shown the symptoms of swine flu.  While all  the medical officials have been asked to take preventive measures an alert has been issued in the village,”  he added.

Meanwhile, with three new cases of dengue being listed on Friday, the number of the  suspected dengue cases in the district has risen to 57 out of which 13 have been confirmed  following ELISA test.

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